Create an Event


Events must be created within a group page.


To create an event, open the group page where you want to create the event, then click the blue Events tab in the top menu.  


Click the red + Create Event button, and a form will pop up.  



Fields include: event title, description, content tags (select one or more relevant issue tags,) start and end times, and a physical or virtual address for the event.


You must specify whether the event is Public (viewable to any network member) or Private (visible only to group members.)



If you select Public, a field will appear asking if you want to Post to News Feed.



This will post your new event on the News feed of our website Dashboard,




and also cause it to appear on the Featured Events list of all members when they open the site’s main Events menu tab. 




Create Climate Justice Net users can mark that they plan to attend an event using the Attending toggle switch. If you have a separate registration process for an event, be sure this is posted in the event description and follow up with everyone who marks Attending to ask them to finish the registration process.


To finish, press the blue Submit button on the bottom right of the form.


If you are not a group moderator, a moderator will need to review and approve your event before it is visible on the site. Once your event is submitted and approved by a group moderator, then all group members will receive a notification about the new event.






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