Create and Moderate a Group


Important things to consider when creating a group:

  • Group purpose  – Check the Group Directory to be sure a similar group doesn’t already exist.
  • Group name and description – Make it easy for people to know what your group is about, and who it is for. Try to avoid acronyms and jargon. Be clear about whether this is place-based group, for a specific geographic area, or a virtual interest-based group.
  • Group type – pick the one that best describes what you want to do; review the Types of Groups definitions.
  • Moderators – The creator of a group automatically becomes its moderator, a responsibility that may be shared with a co-moderator.


To create a new group, first select Groups from the main site menu on the left.







This opens the Groups Dashboard.





Menu links to create a new group, or search existing groups, are located on the top right of the Groups Dashboard page.  First use the blue Search Groups link to be sure a similar group doesn’t already exist.  Then click the orange Create New Group button.

This will open a pop-up window with data fields to fill out; some are required, others are optional.  The required fields: group name, description, group type and content tags.  The optional fields: website, Twitter or Facebook links; founding date; and a “yes or no” question about whether your group has a physical location.  If you select “yes,” then an additional set of data fields will open.

When finished, click the blue Submit button at the bottom.

A CCJnet administrator must approve your new group before it becomes active or publicly visible.


Sub Groups

Any group member may create a Sub Group, but the new sub group will not become active until it is approved by a moderator of the parent group.

From within the parent group page, click the Sub Groups button from the blue menu on the top right.


When the Sub Groups page opens, click the orange Create Sub Group button at the upper left.  The form that opens is the same as described above, for creating a new group.



Group Moderator Functions:


The creator of a group automatically becomes its moderator.  The moderator may designate other group members as co-moderators.

The CCJnet Group Moderator Help Index is available in our site’s Resources files. 

Moderators have the authority to add/remove members, resources and sub-groups from their group page.


Group moderators will see a seventh blue menu tab, Admin, in addition to the group’s other six internal pages (About, Conversations, Members, Events, Resources and Sub Groups.)

Moderators also have the option to click the orange Delete Group button directly beneath it. 


Moderators have special functions on the group’s Members page.  Look for the orange Actions button on the upper right.  When it’s clicked, two options will appear in drop-down menu: Email Group and Invite Users.

Only members of this network may be invited, by typing the person’s name or email address.   Sub-group moderators may only invite members of the parent group.


Group members may contact moderators by clicking the Email Moderators button on the group’s About page.


If a group member creates a Sub Group, you will receive an email alert asking for your approval before it appears publicly for the group.