Finding Group Pages


This article will provide an overview of how to quickly navigate to the group pages that you are a member of and search through all groups on Create Climate Justice Net (CCJnet).

Navigating to Your Groups

On the CCJnet Dashboard, there is a section in the lower right called My Groups. Every group that you are a member of (not including sub-groups) is listed in this section of the Dashboard. When you bring your mouse cursor into this section, you can scroll through the list of groups and click on a group name to be taken to the About landing page of that group.

You can also find the My Groups section by clicking where it says “Groups” in the Navigation Menu.┬áThis will take you to the Groups landing page (see example picture below) where your groups are listed at the top of the page.


Searching Through All Groups

There are two recommended ways to search for groups on CCJnet:

Use the Navigation Menu Search Bar:

If you already know the name of a group that you are trying to find, you can typle in a keyword in the search bar that appears at the very top of the┬áNavigation Menu (on the left-side of the screen). This will take you to a Search Results page that will list every group with that keyword in its title. Click on the name of a group to navigate to that group’s About page.

Search in the Groups Directory:

If you are just getting started on CCJnet and would like to see what groups already exist that you might want to join, the Groups Directory is the best place to look.

To get to the Groups Directory, do the following:

1) Click “Groups” in the Navigation Menu to go to the Groups landing page.


NOTE: at the bottom of the Groups landing page, you will see some Featured Groups that the administrators of CCJnet are highlighting as recommended groups to join.


2) In the upper right corner of the Groups landing page, click on the blue button that reads “Search Groups” (pictured to the right). This will take you to the Groups Directory.

The Groups Directory can be filter searched by name, group type, interest tag, and geography, and search results can be sorted by name alpabetically or reverse-alphabetically.

There is a “Clear Filters” button in the top-right corner of the Groups Directly that you can press to clear out your search query before starting another search.

When you click on a search result, it takes you to the About page for that group.

You can easily go back to the Groups Directory by pressing the back-arrow button in your web browser; or you can once again follow the instructions given above.