Resources include documents uploaded by network members as well as links to resources located elsewhere on the web.


Public resources, which are available to all network members, may be accessed via the main site menu on the left.

This page features searchable fields. You can search by title, content tags and resource types.  Relevant results will automatically be displayed below the menu. Clear all filters with the orange Clear Filters button at the top right of the page.

You can view all resources by clicking Show All Resources at the bottom of the page.




New resources are added to the site from within the Groups pages. Any group member may add a resource to the site.

To add a resource, open your relevant group page, then click the blue Resources tab on top.

Next, click the orange Add New button, at the upper right.

This will open a pop-up form.

First, specify whether your resource is a file you’re uploading or a web link.


If you select File, then you may either drag a file into the Upload File box or else click the words “select a file” to surf for it on your personal device.


If you select Link, the box will change to instead provide a spot for the web link.


Next, create a title for your resource, add a detailed description and choose appropriate content tags.


At the bottom, you must choose whether the resource will be available for all site members, or just visible to your our own group.


When finished, click the blue Submit button.